Friday, 4 March 2016

 Skope Architects created the seat of the Brussels French Speaking Parliament and the former Postal Relay as a polyvalent project, located on Rue du Lombard in Bruxelles, Belgium.

Although it was so risky that the designers add a contemporary approach in this area full of historical buildings, their design was inspired by the history of the place while assuming contemporary issues. The building is not a simple drawing of facades but a concept overall. Also it is a model of an ambitious public building and an eco-friendly building attending the passive standard.

The designers have been inspired for the extension’s design by the original volume that was designed by the architect Georges Hano who proposed the two wings idea, and they reinterpreted it by calculating the façade proportions. The façade has a special expression, materialized by “voronoïdes” pattern which is a mathematical formula close to the fractal distribution, basing on five distinct elements that combine in infinite mathematical variations to create an impressive aesthetic. That made an integration of history and modernity, and let the site included in the UNESCO classification site. 


Architects: SKOPE
Location: Rue du Lombard 77, Brussels, Belgium
Year: 2013
Photographs: Georges De Kinder
Collaborators: COOPARCH-R.U.
Interior: Bham Studio
Voronoïds: Paradise Architecture
Structure: PIRNAY
Construction: Entreprise Jacques Delens
Etude Energetique: 3E
Techniques Speciales: GRONTMIJ

The pictures are courtesy of Georges De Kinder


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