Monday, 10 June 2013

Let's say that we want to add text in our drawing. There is an easy way to create a new single line style and customise it until we are pleased.

The first thing to do is to open our drawing and go to annotate on the ribbon menu.

Figure 1 - Annotate Menu

At the down right corner there is an arrow that opens the text style menu.

Figure 2 - Text style menu

At this point we can see that the only available style is the standard one. So, we have to create a new style by pressing the New button. After we have chosen a name for our new style, then we can customise text style until we are satisfied.

In our example, we want to have a specific height for our text. So, every time we add text, the height will be predefined. 

  • Height of the text is set to 0.3
  • Font style is changed to Bold.
  • Apply, Set current.
 From the annotate ribbon we can see the multiline button. By pressing it, single line text is revealed.

Figure 3 - Selecting Single Line Text

When we have selected where to place our single line text the program skips the part where we have to specify the text height because it is predefined. However, we still have to specify rotation angle of text as shown below.

Figure 4 - Adding Text

In this case we write GROUND FLOOR and then we press enter twice to exit from text edit menu.

Figure 5 - Mission Accomplished


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